30 Jan '13, 10pm

YAY! Lana Del Rey is working on her second album! Reckon she can top Born To Die?

Lana Del Rey has started working on her second album. The singer was spotted entering a Santa Monica recording studio in Los Angeles as she recorded the vocals for the follow-up to her successful 2012 début Born to Die . The Daily Mail reports Lana has been pictured singing into a mic in the studio, while surrounded by a team of writers and producers. Lana recently released an expanded version of Born to Die , branded The Paradise Edition . The collection featured her latest single 'Ride', as well as her cover of 'Blue Velvet', which was used as part of an H&M advertising campaign. Are you excited for some new Lana? Leave a comment below to be in with a chance of winning a £100 goodie bag LANA DEL REY WANTS TO BECOME ANGELINA JOLIE DAVID BECKHAM TOPS BRITS CHEAT WITH LIST ARE DEMI MOORE AND RUSSELL BRAND DATING?

Full article: http://www.handbag.com/celebrity/news/a455021/lana-del-re...


Inspired Lana Del Rey nail art

Inspired Lana Del Rey nail art

stephiielim.blogspot.com 05 Feb '13, 7am

Here is the full result. The infamous Lana Del Rey nails from Born To Die video. Hers is definitely more longer and slimme...

a comic about working for exposure

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Poster: TMCM Comic Book #1 Cover Poster: TMCM Comic Book Covers #1-9

#yolegusto #working #preproduction @ Rolex Tower

#yolegusto #working #preproduction @ Rolex Tower

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SINGER - FASHION DESIGNER ACTRESS & PRODUCER [email protected] @irenedelgado1