11 May '18, 5am

A Bookshop for my Handbag: Griffin Books

Mel: I’m trying to emphasise contemporary literary fiction as well as more popular fiction and the classics. The stock is split equally between: fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature. I aim to stock unique books: different to the supermarkets. I’m delighted when my customers compliment me on my choices. Customers, friends of Griffin Books , are encouraged to write the reviews we display around the shop. I select books to suit my regular customers’ taste – it is their bookshop. For example, I bought the first in Julia Chapman’s Dales Detective Series with a customer in mind – the customer then wrote a very positive review which built up a bit of a following for Julia locally, eventually resulting in an invitation to the author. We hosted a lovely afternoon tea with Julia where she talked about the series and her future writing plans.

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