27 Nov '11, 8pm

Wallets make great stocking stuffers. This wallet from Buxton is only $10.49 while supplies last! #doorbusters

"I have purchased several Buxton wallets in the past, and usually they are pretty cute wallets for the price. I needed a dark brown wallet to match a new purse I bought, so I tried ordering this wallet in dark brown. Unfortunately, it just looked really cheap and plastic. (The Buxton Buffalo Cardex wallet, by comparison, is super cute). I know these aren't made of real leather for this price, but this is still really cheap looking. Maybe it has to do with the plain styling, as the Buffalo Cardex wallet has a quilting detail which makes it look nicer. Unfortunately, I sent it back, and am still looking for a dark brown wallet. (P.S. I had to fill out the category of "how do I use this item" in order to post this review, but I am not using it since I sent it back)."

Full article: http://www.ebags.com/product/buxton/amelia-zip-double-car...