28 Jun '15, 7am

[email protected] & @RachelZoe are fans of her handbag line, @DonatienneLA:

There are only really so many ways to react upon entering a home like Nikki Erwin's. Almost immediately you're face-to-face with art by the likes of Ed Ruscha and Keith Haring, although Erwin's first to cop to not being the most well-versed in knowing her Krugers from her Kusamas—“My boyfriend takes credit for all of our beautiful art. I’m just a pleased spectator!". Erwin's collectibles of choices? Shoes. And jewelry. And sunglasses."My closet is not edited. It’s crazy and all over the place. It looks like the closet of ten different girls," she explained as she lead us into her walk-in. But seriously, can we take a second to talk about this shoe situation? Namely, the rainbow (no, seriously, have a look—every shade of ROYGBIV is well-represented) array. And while Erwin has a serious thing for buying up the higher end of the spectrum, her day-to-day is vastly different. “...

Full article: http://www.thecoveteur.com/nikki-erwin-donatienne/