29 Oct '12, 7pm

Louis Vuitton Takes You On A Luxury Tour Of... Mars? Yes, Mars!

Maybe it's because they have a heritage of creating luxurious portage for travelers bound to points unknown. Maybe it's because Marc Jacobs has a space fetish. Maybe it's just because it's damn cool. Whatever the reason, we have to give big ups to Louis Vuitton for sponsoring this beautiful, interplanetary Mars animation. It's helped make us just a little less stir crazy on this locked-in, weather-beaten day. Apparently, we also owe props for this virtual tour of the red planet to Maneki Lab who added a 3D, motion element to actual maps of Mars. We're not sure of your reasoning here, folks, but thanks for the gorgeousness! Video: Courtesy Maneki Lab. Louis Vuitton

Full article: http://www.refinery29.com/louis-vuitton-mars


Red Journey – Quand Louis Vuitton vous fait visiter Mars

Red Journey – Quand Louis Vuitton vous fait vis...

ufunk.net 29 Oct '12, 2pm

” est une visite en 3D de la planète Mars réalisée par Maneki Lab avec l’aide de OBSCOM pour le compte de Louis Vuitton. U...

I'm at Louis Vuitton (Oranjestad)

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You must enable JavaScript to use foursquare.com We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best p...

Une extraordinaire visite de la planète Mars si...

golem13.fr 29 Oct '12, 1pm

– Louis Vuitton fait à nouveau appel au studio Maneki Lab , pour explorer les sites les plus exceptionnels de la planète M...

Watch | Red Journey for Louis Vuitton

Watch | Red Journey for Louis Vuitton

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A journey in 3D by French agency, Maneki Lab for Louis Vuitton . A beautiful and fascinating look through the eye of space...

Louis Vuitton

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Ready to take an extraordinary trip to the Red Planet ? Louis Vuitton pushes his desire to travel to new limits in this ad...

Louis Vuitton – Red Journey

Louis Vuitton – Red Journey

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avec l’aide de Obscom pour Louis Vuitton absolument époustouflant. Cette vidéo intitulée « Red journey » nous propose une ...

Making Of the Louis Vuitton Miami Design District Store Facade: Youtube LINK… @ILSuL6ana

Making Of the Louis Vuitton Miami Design Distri...

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Watch as artist RETNA transforms the Louis Vuitton Miami Design District store facade into a work on art!

Videos / Rumor Mill: RETNA x Louis Vuitton

Videos / Rumor Mill: RETNA x Louis Vuitton

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C Programming: louis vuitton

C Programming: louis vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Handbags designs are also dependent on the type. Men’s Handbags would have a more strict and masculine air t...

Ghetto Skittles And Louis Vuitton Nails

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Copy & paste this code into your website <a href="http://twitpic.com/b8aijb" title="Ghetto Skittles And Louis Vuitton Nail...

"@BellaLaBomba: am a hoe for LOUIS VUITTON!!!

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United States of America (USA) Canada United Kingdom Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla An...

La balade sur Mars de Louis Vuitton via @doc_news

La balade sur Mars de Louis Vuitton via @doc_news

docnews.fr 31 Oct '12, 6am

Ce voyage merveilleux de 4 minutes sur la planète Mars est réalisé par le studio d'animation et de production audiovisuell...