27 Jun '11, 9am

#Diamond studded #platinum #handbag $1.63 #million 2007 we still love it @purseblog

There was a time when I was certain the Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin was superfluous and one of the most, if not THE most, expensive bag in the world (costing $140,000). Move on over Hermes, the Diamond studded platinum handbag designed by jewelery maker Ginza Tanaka cost a whopping $1.63 million to make. A stunning piece of art, this bag puts the spotlight on 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 carats. This creation was put on display in a fashion show in Tokyo. If you are really interested in buying, I am sure you could, but I will just be a looker. And we all thought that $3,000 on a handbag was pushing the envelope

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@sherbetwist read this:

@sherbetwist read this:

thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com 04 Jul '11, 3am

After reading your blog, I went to try & won't go back again. The consultant Riyana booked for me on 9pm. When I went they...

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