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  • Sweat activated skincare is now thing [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Sweat activated skincare is now thing 20 Apr '18, 11pm

    I’m referring to products like Ignite Intense Coconut Sweat Activating Gel ($25). Basically what these do is two fold. First they help increase circulation to the areas where they are applied which in turn should help make workout recovery easier. Second, this increase in circulation ...

  • Do you need to be using shampoo? @Bumble & Bumble founder says no [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Do you need to be using shampoo? Bumble & bumble founder says no 19 Mar '18, 10pm

    Hairstory maintains that all and every shampoo, regardless of price, that contains a detergent (even a naturally derived one) is bad for hair. When you use detergent-based products you then need a conditioner or a mask and/or a leave-in to pump back everything you’ve “damaged” with th...

  • The must-see beauty looks from the spring 2018 couture shows part II [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    must-see beauty looks from the spring 2018 couture shows part II 27 Jan '18, 12pm

    From the runway couture to its beauty, it was cyber-inspired psychedelia at Maison Margiela where iridescent cutouts and glitter gave models a robotic look. Headpieces were seen on the runways of many of the couture shows, but none quite as over-the-top as the ostrich feather ones Val...

  • Latest Korean beauty must-haves [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Latest Korean beauty must-haves 02 Jan '18, 7pm

    Korean beauty, for the most part, follows the “more is more” philosophy, which is exactly the opposite of what I have found works for me (especially when it comes to managing breakouts). I’ll never do a 12-step or even 6-step night-time skincare regimen, but I love working Korean beau...

  • Bally's Love Story and the the bags you need for 2018 [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Bally's Love Story and the the bags you need for 2018 20 Dec '17, 8am

    This humble (yet sweet!) beginning paved the way for a long history with women’s shoes and later bags, enriched with an expertise in luxury leather goods as time went on. 177 years later, Bally is better than ever. Long known as a brand synonymous with quiet luxury and timeless elegan...


    Gabriela Hearst and Save the Children Turkana, Kenya Initiative 01 Oct '17, 3pm

    In July 2017, Gabriela traveled to Turkana, Kenya with Carolyn Miles, the President and CEO of Save the Children and the trip coincided with the first-ever joint fundraising campaign by eight of the world’s leading US-based international relief organizations to raise awareness for the...

  • His and Her gift guide 06 Dec '17, 3pm

    Even though my husband doesn’t love (or even like) to workout, it’s something we enjoy doing together every Saturday. It’s a great habit and the perfect preface to brunch. They may not be the most stylish, but in terms of fit, performance, and wear Brooks is always on top. Their new s...

  • How are U taking care of your skin? Do U dry brush? Find how & why U should be doing it

    How To Dry Brush... And Why To Do It In The First Place 17 Mar '17, 3am

    A wooden brush like the one pictured above might not look like something you’d want to brush against your body (and it is, to be fair, an acquired desire!), but the list of benefits is pretty stellar. Dry brushing is considered by many aestheticians to be an essential part of detoxing...

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