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  • It officially feels like summer with the beginning of first call surprise sales! Save 25-40% on new season!

    Surprise Sales! 25-40% off for a limited time! 05 May '17, 8pm

    The best part about spring is not only promise of warmer weather and lazy days at the beach but also the impending sales that inevitably begin before summer does. You’ve finally stopped wearing tights and turtlenecks (well most of us have anyway) and it’s now time to get serious about...

  • How are U taking care of your skin? Do U dry brush? Find how & why U should be doing it

    How To Dry Brush... And Why To Do It In The First Place 17 Mar '17, 3am

    A wooden brush like the one pictured above might not look like something you’d want to brush against your body (and it is, to be fair, an acquired desire!), but the list of benefits is pretty stellar. Dry brushing is considered by many aestheticians to be an essential part of detoxing...

  • Weekends are for Wickering: The 9 Best Wicker Bags right now [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Weekends are for Wickering: The 9 Best Wicker 07 Apr '17, 12am

    Bags Weekends are for Wickering: The 9 Best Wicker Bags by Tina Craig If any of you have seen photos of Jane Birkin carrying her wicker basket as a bag (wayyyyy before she discovered Hermes!), you probably lost your mind as I did. I don’t know about you but I have desperately tried to...

  • Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas with What Goes Around Comes Around NYC [Bag Snob - Dallas]

    Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas with What Goes Around Comes Around NYC 07 May '17, 5am

    By the way, Diamonds are always a good idea, especially in the form of a flawless set of antique dangling diamonds studs weighing 4 carats each (hint hint to the hubby – he reads everything I write and it’s become quite useful when it comes time for Christmas, Birthdays and yes Mother...

    1. SALE: 30% Off Mother's Day Gifts 09 May '17, 8pm
  • Sleep on it! Overnight Masks: Korean Skincare Essential 21 Apr '17, 1pm

    Are overnight masks necessary? Korean beauty experts seem to think so, and we all know right now it’s all about Korean skincare! It makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, an overnight facial! No need to waste any waking hours! Yes, but only if it’s a moisturizing one. I don’t recommend leav...

  • BagSnob: Whether you go high or low- a ponytail is a must for the holidays:

    Get The Look: Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Ponytails 04 Dec '16, 4pm

    Mark Garrison styles a long list of celebrities at his namesake Manhattan salon , including Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock, so when we were curious to get tips on how to style a ponytail for the holiday season we turned to him for his expert insight. Why is this st...

  • BagSnob: Do you have time saving tips for getting dressed in the morning? Share!

    Time Saving Tips and Tricks For Creating Your Sucess 23 Nov '16, 7am

    2. I like taking photos of my outfits for work occasions. When I’m getting dressed and pressed for time, I look through the folder I have labeled “Work Outfits” on my iPhone so I can pick out something in seconds without thinking about it. Saving even just a few precious minutes is so...

  • Fall 2017 Runway-Inspired Trend: Dark Lips

    Fall 2017 Runway-Inspired Trend: Dark Lips 23 Feb '17, 9pm

    By now we already know that Marc Jacobs always sets trends, and that includes beauty trends. For his Fall 2017 runway show models wore a mix of marc jacobs beauty le marc lip crème lipstick in blow 210 , a deep berry velvet, and blacquer 000 , a shiny black, for a bold look that kept ...

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