• A celebrity author

    jessiecahalin.com 10 Aug '18, 2pm

    I waited for her in my favourite coffee shop, Cadawaladers, in Cardiff Bay. Cadawaladers sits above the water, on a jetty, and is accessed via a small bridge. Carol hurried over the bridge and was wearing a red dress. She joined me at a table, located on the balcony, overlooking the w...

  • On Books in my Handbag there's a juicy extract from Susan Willis's book, 'The Girl in the Dark'

    Does the Camera Lie?

    jessiecahalin.com 09 Jul '18, 11am

    Determined to confuse my senses, Susan Willis has sent me her take on a foodie extract. The fruit is alive with colour but isn’t as delicious as it seems. Let Susan tempt you another cheeky extract from The Girl in the Dark . Find out if all is well and whether the kitchen is too hot.

  • A Bookshop for my Handbag: Griffin

    jessiecahalin.com 11 May '18, 5am

    Mel: I’m trying to emphasise contemporary literary fiction as well as more popular fiction and the classics. The stock is split equally between: fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature. I aim to stock unique books: different to the supermarkets. I’m delighted when my customers ...

  • A Pesky Sleuth and Dutch Masterpieces in my Handbag

    A Pesky Sleuth and Dutch Masterpieces

    jessiecahalin.com 02 Mar '18, 2pm

    Travel with Jennifer S Alderson to Amsterdam and find out what has happened to some missing Dutch masterpieces. Jennifer asked me to hide the paintings in the Handbag Gallery, but if you read the novel then the secrets will be revealed. A pesky amateur sleuth will guide you through th...

  • Books in My Handbag blogger Jessie Cahalin takes in the Hay Festival’s Tent of Dreams and Beyond https://t.co/7bgQD9sYmM…

    Hay Festival’s Tent of Dreams and Beyond -

    jessiecahalin.com 28 May '18, 11am

    Welsh rain poured mischievously in the open areas but no one worried. Readers sat with the umbrellas sheltering their books as they sipped coffee and wine. Deckchairs waited patiently for the sun to arrive. My book attended the festival and demanded a look around. ‘You Can’t Go It Alo...

  • ‘Golden afternoon light’ and shadows lurking in my handbag https://t.co/qDxeLm8RR4

    ‘Golden afternoon light’ and shadows lurking in my

    jessiecahalin.com 23 Feb '18, 8am

    As an armchair traveller, the only baggage I carried was high hopes for a romance with a perfect setting, and I was not disappointed. I walked along ‘…cobbled streets lined by tall skinny houses painted every shade of vibrant turquoise to deep ochre’ and I was lost in the vibrant colo...

  • A Girl in Trouble Fighting to Escape the Confines of my Handbag

    A Girl in Trouble Fighting to Escape the Confines of

    jessiecahalin.com 15 Jan '18, 7am

    Wrapped in a long, dark coat, large colourful scarf and wearing my Ugg boots, I quickened my pace the tiny Bistro. Rhoda smiled, greeted me and organised a lovely array of tea and cakes. My favourite sweet treats were the double chocolate brownies. I removed my coat and sat on one of ...

  • Celebrating a slice of Italian history in my handbag

    Celebrating a slice of Italian history

    jessiecahalin.com 05 Dec '17, 6am

    ’ is my first novel and I wrote it for my lovely Italian mother-in-law who was ill at the time. She helped me with so many stories from her own life and allowed me to use them. I hasten to add that, although much of the book is factual and based on research, some of the story is ficti...