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  • Please #fashion #style 2016 Handbag Resolutions for Myself and

    Designer Handbag Reviews and Shopping

    purseblog.com 22 Oct '17, 1am

    Alexander Wang Celebrities Judith Leiber Love It or Leave It: Alexander Wang and Judith Leiber’s Unlikely, Beyoncé-Approved Collaboration Clutch Amanda Mull 0 Wang and Leiber are strange bedfellows, but we really like the results of their partnership

  • This Week, Celebs Chose Bags from Gabriela Hearst, Chanel and Many Up-and-Coming Designers

    purseblog.com 20 Oct '17, 4pm

    We're a bit dazzled by the diverse selection of new bags celebs carried this week. This is practically a harvest-time cornucopia of luxe and surprisingly affordable designer styles, and a good portion of it is (comparatively) wallet-friendly. It is a fact universally acknowledged that...

  • You Haven't Been Paying Enough Attention to Cindy Crawford's Bags

    You Haven't Been Paying Enough Attention to Cindy Crawford's Bags

    purseblog.com 16 Oct '17, 1pm

    Despite a well-publicized recent stroll on the Versace runway during Milan Fashion Week with other supermodel legends, Cindy Crawford doesn't actually model any more. She spends far more time repping for her (literal) model children, Kaia and Presley. Of course, as a fashion legend, C...

  • Five Things From Coach We Are Obsessing Over This Fall

    purseblog.com 19 Oct '17, 1pm

    became the Big Thing. I remember my first Coach piece: a classic 'C' wristlet in baby blue. It was enough to carry my middle school ID, lunch money and not much else. Later that year, for Christmas, my older brother gave me a small, bright pink Coach bag with a belt-buckle closure. Th...

  • Loving Lately: Marigold Bags, Shoes and Beyond

    purseblog.com 19 Oct '17, 8pm

    I'm not one to wear color. Ok, maybe that's a bit of stretch—in the spring and summer, I branch out a little bit, but once the temp drops it's back to black. It's likely the New Yorker in me, and if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: I just love black! I can't get enoug...

  • The 24 Best Bags Under $600 of Fall 2017

    purseblog.com 18 Oct '17, 4pm

    We're living in a golden age up contemporary bags. It wasn't that long ago that wanting to stay in the three figures meant slim pickings unless you wanted something casual, slouchy and adorned in studs, fringe, zippers or something else to distract from the bag's drab design. Things h...

  • LA's Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Delivers the Bags, Plus More Celeb Picks

    LA's Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Delivers the Bags, Plus More Celeb Picks

    purseblog.com 18 Oct '17, 1pm

    I always look forward to shots from the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which happens annually on both coasts. This weekend, thousands of guests and scores of celebs flocked to LA to get tipsy on champagne and try their hand at British polo fashion for a day (except for the ones who were...

  • The $145 Bag Amanda's Been Carrying Like Crazy for Almost 2 Years

    The $145 Bag Amanda's Been Carrying Like Crazy for Almost 2 Years

    purseblog.com 17 Oct '17, 1pm

    In praise of a simple little bag that gets things done and shows no wear Hear me out on this: getting offered free stuff has diminishing returns when you cover a product-based industry for a living. At first, of course, it’s exciting: being alive is expensive, and being in the positio...


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