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  • Thieves Make Off With Over $1 Million in Hermès Bags:

    Thieves Make Off With Over $1 Million in Hermès Bags -

    purseblog.com 20 Apr '15, 7pm

    If the Hermès resale market seems suddenly more flush in the near future, there might be a very good reason why: At the end of last week, a band of thieves filched 500 Hermès bags from a packaging and logistics facility outside Paris, according to Women’s Wear Daily . The six thieves ...

  • Introducing the Next Must-Have Bag, The @gucci Lady Web:

    Introducing the Next Must-Have Bag, The Gucci Lady Web

    purseblog.com 14 Apr '15, 3pm

    Each of these bags echoes seventies glamour, and it’s the interchangeable shoulder straps that immediately change this bag’s look. From day-to-day wear to dressing it up a little more, this bag fits into each category and everyone’s style. I’m so incredibly drawn to these bags, and af...

  • This week's Bag of the Week, the @tyleralexandra Jamie Doctor Bag:

    Bag of the Week: The Tyler Alexandra Jamie Doctor Bag

    purseblog.com 06 Apr '15, 9pm

    4 Bag of the Week: The Tyler Alexandra Jamie Doctor Bag BY Amanda Mull April 6, 2015 Bag of the Week Bag: Tyler Alexandra Jamie Doctor Bag Price: $1,815 via MATCHESFASHION.COM Why It’s the Bag of the Week: The rose-toned golden hardware is the detail that makes this office-appropriate...

  • 10 Things Only Handbag Lovers Understand

    purseblog.com 02 Apr '15, 3pm

    Yes what you carry on your arm is very noticeable. I always shop at a high end department store for my bags. I never dress fancy, sweatpants and tops with boots. I had on my arm an expensive longchamps instead of a celine or chloe one day. You would have thought I was a homeless perso...

  • $8,000 and Up - The 14 Most Expensive Spring 2015 Handbags on the Internet:

    $8,000 and Up: The 14 Most Expensive Spring 2015 Handbags on the Internet

    purseblog.com 08 Apr '15, 3pm

    Sometimes, it seems like there's no price ceiling for luxury handbags. Designers just keep turning out consumer favorites in alligator and crocodile, and wealthy shoppers looking to having the newest and most exclusive pieces just keep snapping them up. Like we do every season, we've ...

  • 8 Reasons Spending $1,000 or More on a Bag is Totally Worth It

    purseblog.com 25 Mar '15, 3pm

    Yep, #8 is the only reason we all ever need. Also, I wonder when how and why it has been acceptable to ask people how much their things are? Unless it’s someone I know who is really knowledgeable about luxury handbags or shoes (and I know won’t judge me for the purchase), I try not to...

  • Celebrities' Bag Game is Still Solid @purseblog

    Celebrities May Be Having a Major Case of the Mondays, But Their Bag Game is Still Solid - Page 5 of 9

    purseblog.com 12 Apr '15, 10pm

    As a legitimate celebrity, a good portion of your waking hours are spent trying to avoid being photographed at inopportune times, from inopportune angles and in inopportune outfits. But as we all know, when someone else has the camera in hand, it's a losing battle. Half of the celebs ...

  • Our top 5 secrets for obtaining perfectly groomed eyebrows:

    Beauty: The 5 Products You Need to Get Your Eyebrow Game Right

    purseblog.com 26 Mar '15, 12am

    If you'll allow me to brag for a moment, I would like to tell you that I have really good, natural-looking eyebrows. They're not good in the super-shaded, airbrushed-looking, Instagram makeup artist sort of way; instead, they look like they may have grown out of my face. They didn't, ...


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