30 Oct '17, 6am

via @BooksInHandbag

via @BooksInHandbag

Besides entertaining, the story also educates children about how to deal with difficult situations. The story shows children that ‘Determination and faith …will always get you through the tough times.’ Joyful Trouble’s friends must ‘work together’ to resolve a problem thus exploring the importance of teamwork to neutralise conflict. Despite his reputation, Joyful Trouble is a good role model as he ‘didn’t like to see people fighting’. As Ana listens, she is comparing the dog to a younger sibling and learning to understand his exuberant behaviour.

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Black rhinos in Tanzania now monitored via sensors implanted directly in their horns

Black rhinos in Tanzania now monitored via sens...

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In a first for the species, several black rhinos in Tanzania’s Mkomazi National Park have had small, networked sensors emb...

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