17 Apr '18, 5am

Thank you to Jessie Cahalin for @BooksInHandbag

Thank you to Jessie Cahalin for @BooksInHandbag

As a prolific book blogger, Jessie Cahalin goes out of her way to support authors. Recently, she put one of my flash fiction stories on her foodie page – you can read about it here . Jessie also runs the Handbag Gallery where photos of authors’ books and bags are displayed. (Clicking on the photo gives quick access to the Amazon page where the book can be purchased.) I was delighted when she thought my photo of Paisley Shirt was a good composition and I regularly check out the page to see whose work my book appears beside.

Full article: https://gailaldwin.wordpress.com/2018/04/17/jessie-cahali...


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