29 May '18, 5am

EXO ] เซฮุน,ไค เข้าร่วมงานแฟชั่นโชว์Louis Vuitton & Gucci ร่วมกับ ญาญ่า,เอมม่า สโตน etc.. https://t.co/nUl6GLZ356 #pantip ข้…

Gadget, Action Camera, Drone, Game Console, Smartwatch, Smartband

Full article: https://pantip.com/topic/37716102



gucci.com 02 Jun '18, 5pm

Read up/ educate yourself/ etc.

Read up/ educate yourself/ etc.

highsnobiety.com 28 May '18, 3pm

With “Infrared” on Pusha-T’s newly-released album DAYTONA , the rap legend has effectively reheated the beef between himse...

@Scola2Turnt Drops “Louis Vuitton” https://t.co/YvpIHrwUCN

@Scola2Turnt Drops “Louis Vuitton” https://t.co...

omgredraptor.com 11 Jun '18, 4pm

Ice Prince Scola pops out with a new single titled “Louis Vuitton”. I already liked his song “Happy” so when I found out h...