09 Aug '18, 2pm

How This Handbag Founder's Husband (and Mentor) Helps Her Communicate Her Creative Vision

We always knew that division: She’s creative, I’m business. But as for balance in our personal lives, I don’t think there are any husband and wife entrepreneurs who can leave work at the office. That’s unrealistic, unless your company is so big that you have hundreds of employees. And that balance is hard -- as the company has gotten bigger, there are certain pressures that dissipate and others that creep up. We do our best to stay off our phones when we get home. And now we have a little boy, so that’s another job in and of itself. We do the best we can, and we work really hard to make sure our personal relationship stays strong. I have mentors that are on, you know, their third wife. We are working to find that balance and make sure that doesn’t happen. Our focus is on each other and the company and our little boy.

Full article: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/317877


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